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In our marketing, we often speak of the 'spirit of LiteHaus' and the 'LiteHaus family'. Come to Townsville on a Saturday and you will see that these are not throwaway phrases. As an entirely volunteer-run organisation with our own individual careers, most of our hands-on fundraising activities waits until the weekend. The backbone of our start-up journey thus far has been volunteers raffling weekly meat trays, hosting fundraising events, and rolling up our sleeves and recycling scrap steel. In 2019, our volunteer base more than doubled with most of our new team being young Papua New Guineans who have been inspired by our vision. They have helped us create relationships with North Queensland schools and community groups.


If you are from Townsville, register below to join our community fundraising team, assisting on a semi-regular basis with our weekly raffles at the Seaview Hotel and other local events throughout the year. If you are from somewhere else, you can grow our community fundraising team your city. If you are interested in starting another volunteer chapter in your area, please let us know and we can assist you. Alternatively, we have positions available in digital design, advocacy, fundraising and policy editing which are not restricted by geography. Enquire below as we would love to have you on board!

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