Komatsu Australia supports LiteHaus International


 As a start-up journey that began with a $20 donation from the Founder's best friend, we are immensely proud of our community fundraising efforts and the results which we have been able to achieve on the back of them. 

Nonetheless, corporate support truly does break our fundraising equations open and makes remarkably impactful results possible. Having our brand associated with prominent socially-conscious corporates boosts our profile and increases prospective investor confidence in our brand.


 In 2019, Komatsu Australia provided us with $10,000 funding through their Live Your Dream program where employees can seek funding to actively participate in the activities of a charity of their choice. With their funding, we established three primary school computer labs, connecting more than 3,100 students to digital learning tools.

Ergon Energy & Energex also donated $9,000 which allowed us to extend our work into our own backyard and provide 55 marginalised students with a personal laptop across northern Queensland. Arid 2 Oasis Traffic Solutions donated $5,000 to launch our Remote Learning Program in 2020, extending up their earlier generosity. eWaste IT Recycling have been very reliable and generous partners providing us with professionally refurbished laptops since our founding in 2017.

Arid 2 Oasis (A2O) Traffic Solutions
Komatsu Australia

Donor Experience - Stafford Jones, Komatsu Australia

 As a close observer of the journey of LiteHaus since 2017, I had always been looking for a way to support them. In 2019, I successfully applied for the employee-based social responsibility program - Live Your Dream - with Komatsu Australia. Through this, LiteHaus received $10,000 and I received the experience of a lifetime. As part of the funding agreement, I got to travel with LiteHaus into the Western Highlands, staying with Cr Peter Raim at his family village. This was an extraordinary cultural experience which LiteHaus made possible through their local connections. 

I was privileged to see the impact of our funding first-hand at three school computer lab openings that week. The inspiration and gratitude that the children displayed for LiteHaus and Komatsu was unforgettable. I commend LiteHaus not only for the work they do but also the way they do it. They were well-organised, grateful and their connections in the community made the experience once-in-a-lifetime for me and a highly valuable CSR initiative for Komatsu Australia. The achievements of our partnership were acknowledged at our National Awards Dinner in 2019.


Digitising Dreams with Komatsu Australia