MEET Our Board

Jack Growden - Founder & Chairman

The founder and chairman of LiteHaus International, Jack Growden first visited Papua New Guinea in September 2016. Enchanted by the industrious and kind-hearted nature of its people, Jack returned determined to make a difference. Returning to the same community in September 2017, Jack founded LiteHaus International in an attempt to give back to the community which hosted him through his Honours research, and began its work with the donation of his own computer.

Jack holds a Bachelor of Planning (Hons.) and completed his Honours thesis on human development and access to services in remote Papua New Guinea. In the time, he forged lifelong relationships with community leaders, such as Councillor Peter Raim, who have become invaluable facilitators in LiteHaus ventures. In 2018, Jack completed a Graduate Certificate of Development and Humanitarian Action at Deakin University, having been awarded a Deakin Scholarship for Excellence, and opting against pursuing a PhD to ensure the growth of LiteHaus. In January 2019, he will be based out of India for three months as he completes an internship with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific.

At 21 years of age, Jack has been cited by respected community leaders in North Queensland and Papua New Guinea as an emerging leader. In August 2017, he was appointed "Service Day Leader" at the 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Bangkok, hosted by the United Nations. It was there in the UN-ESCAP Hall that Jack first developed the idea of LiteHaus. He is committed to seeing the organisation prosper and having its light touch as many bright minds as possible. 

Anne Growden - Treasurer

Our Treasurer, Anne Growden, is a champion of volunteering. Having first been involved in not-for-profit organisations way back in 1990, Anne has since become the longest-serving secretary of Hermit Park Football Club, serving for eleven years. A life member of that club, she has accrued many prestigious awards for volunteering across her journey of service.

Through her management of her and her husband's various construction companies, Anne holds invaluable experience in business administration. She is the epitome of generosity and puts her hand up to help out no matter what, which is how she found herself on the LiteHaus board.

Anne has also been an instrumental sponsor of LiteHaus through her small business, Auzscot Pipelines' contribution to the Kuta Primary School project.

Luke Wakeham - Director of Operations

Another key member of our management board is Luke Wakeham, a long-time contributor to the Hermit Park Football Club, a community sporting club. His experience there as a passionate volunteer has given him a significant understanding of the dynamics of volunteerism and not-for-profit business. A tremendous socialiser, Luke has been a great advocate for the LiteHaus cause since he was inspired to make a difference by his close friend, Jack Growden’s start-up work. 

Luke has keen interest in travelling to the developing world and plans on being a part of the on-the-ground team for LiteHaus International’s upcoming projects. 

O'Keefe Easzon - Director of Projects

 O’Keefe Eazson first visited Papua New Guinea in 2016 on an Australian Government New Colombo Plan scholarship with James Cook University, alongside Jack Growden. As a part of a James Cook University anthropological and ethnographic field school, O’Keefe participated in demographic surveying of the Kunguma village where LiteHaus International’s Kuta Primary School project was based. 

O’Keefe has a history of volunteerism and community service through various ventures. Notably, he participated in an international volunteering project in rural Chile in 2013, renovating a community hall. A Bachelor of Planning student at James Cook University [JCU], O’Keefe has served as the President of the JCU Humanists Society. O’Keefe enthusiastically provides LiteHaus International with worldly perspectives and will no doubt lead future LiteHaus projects.

Cr Verena Coombe - Board Member

LiteHaus International is privileged to have the unwavering support of a local government figure who boasts an impressive resume in business and volunteering. Over a two decade career in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, Townsville City Council's Division 6 Councillor, Verena Coombe, has contributed to local organisations such as Townsville RSL, and Arcadian Surf Lifesaving Club. In 2015, she served as the first female President of Hermit Park Football Club, expanding on her work on the AFL Townsville board.

A well-known community leader, Verena provides LiteHaus International with invaluable networks. As a former stockbroker and financial planner, and now business owner, her skills in administration, marketing, and strategy development bring the board welcome business experience. Moreover, her attention to detail and process make her an instrumental member of the LiteHaus team.

She is also the Director of East Coast Style Collective which is a valued sponsor of LiteHaus International.