Every month we recycle cans and bottles donated to us from Townsville locals and community groups, through the government's 10c scheme. This provides us with great opportunities to engage with our community and expand our commitment to sustainable practices.

After all, the principles of sustainability lay at the very core of our work and vision - we have provided a new life for almost 100 laptops which would otherwise have ended up in landfill. All of the laptops we place at the fingertips of a generation of future leaders are professionally recycled and refurbished. 


As a dream that began with $20 and a group of friends, we have always believed in rolling up our sleeves and working for our income. This has resulted in innovative fundraising streams such as our heavy scrap metal recycling. Monthly, two of our senior board members lead a volunteer team which collects and recycles steel from generous local businesses. 

To date, we have scrapped almost thirty tons of scrap metal. As well as a valuable revenue source, we see this as our contribution to promoting sustainability in the community which helped us grow.