Papua New Guinea

Kuta Primary School

We launched our first project in September 2017 at the Kuta Primary School in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. 

The Kuta Primary School is the only avenue to an education for children living within a ten-kilometre radius. Some students walk up to 3 hours to get to school. 

Inspired by this courage and commitment to education, our founder, Jack Growden, promised 12 laptops to the school in September 2017. 

As the newly formed LiteHaus gathered momentum and attracted dozens of sponsors and donations, the board saw the opportunity to expand the Kuta Primary School project to encompass stationery needs as well. Some of the children lacked exercise books, pencils and pens. 

This is where LiteHaus intervened.

On March 23 2018, LiteHaus Founder & Chairman Jack Growden and Secretary Lauren Tenardi presented the fruits of our supporters labours to an infinitely appreciative crowd.

It was reportedly the first computer lab in any primary school in Papua New Guinea. There are more than 8500 primary schools across the country.

1 down. 8500 to go.

Lumusa Primary School

We followed up our successes at Kuta by heading three hours north of Mt Hagen to the very remote community of Lumusa.

After a chaired welcome usually reserved for the Prime Minister or provincial Governor, we presented twelve laptops and a projector screen to the school.

National media outlets were all on hand to watch the presentation.

This brought our tally of donated laptops to 24 within 10 months.

We will never forget the incredible people of Lumusa.

Kumdi Primary School

In October 2018, we visited the Kumdi Primary School, half an hour north of Mount Hagen. 

Once again, a wonderful presentation took place, with national media outlets on hand. 

This brought our tally to 34 laptops within 12 months. 

Since the presentation, we have had regular feedback from the Kumdi Primary School as they 


AAH Stationery Project

In January 2018, Artists Against Hunger (AAH) representative, Ronald Mutebi, reached out to LiteHaus over Facebook, informing us of his incredible story and the every day battle which AAH endured.

57 schooling age Ugandan children owe their opportunity at an education to Ronald and his orphanage, who house and feed them.

Ronald explains that education is paramount to a young adult's success and quality of life in Uganda as the children he raises face problems such as unemployment, teenage pregnancy, and sexual abuse.

No child should have to face these injustices, so in May 2018, LiteHaus International made its first contribution to the education of the children in Uganda by funding the entire orphanage's stationery requirements for a semester.


Microschool Initiative in Punjab

On 25th April, an extraordinary young woman, who has asked to remain confidential, got in contact with us and shared her incredible story of perseverance. Walking for hours on end between villages, she devotes six days a week to teaching 86 mostly orphaned children who face the awful plight of being part of a minority religion in the country. Without an education, these children would remain starved of opportunities to reach anywhere near their full potential.

To support this wonderful micro-school initiative, LiteHaus International has since sent two stationery support packages all the way to the remote community in Punjab. These included exercise books and pens for each student, a portable whiteboard and pens, reading and learning materials and educational cards games. It remains a project very close to the hearts of the board.