Inspiring Minds


In April 2018, an extraordinary young woman, who has asked to remain confidential, got in contact with us and shared her incredible story of perseverance. Walking for hours on end between villages, she devotes six days a week to teaching 86 mostly orphaned children who face the awful plight of being part of a minority religion in the country. Without an education, these children would remain starved of opportunities to reach anywhere near their full potential.

To support this wonderful micro-school initiative, LiteHaus International has since sent two stationery support packages all the way to the remote community in Punjab. These included exercise books and pens for each student, a portable whiteboard and pens, reading and learning materials and educational cards games. Many of these items are the first the children have ever owned. 

In 2019, LiteHaus International committed to paying the rent for a small shelter for the children to gather and receive their chance at an education.