Welcome to LiteHaus International

Enhancing the lives of children in remote communities around the world!

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Welcome to LiteHaus International!

Founded by Jack Growden, we are a not for profit organisation making a contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Quality Education

During recent trips to the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, our founder and chairman, Jack Growden, was inspired by the progressive, kind, and generous nature of the local people, particularly their children and was struck by their passion for learning.

Unfortunately these children face difficulties attaining the education they dream of. Some children walk more than three hours to school every day.

To help overcome these obstacles which keep children from achieving their dreams, Jack donated his own personal laptop to a fantastic school in the Highlands. And so began the LiteHaus journey.

Now, we have completed three computer labs in Papua New Guinea and we have a multinational presence in Uganda and Pakistan too.

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Our Work

Currently, LiteHaus International is working towards improving the pursuit of education for students in Papua New Guinea, Uganda and Pakistan by supporting their respective needs.

  • Laptops/Personal Computers: the bulk of our funding is used to source professionally maintained and restored laptops to give children access to digital education and open up a world of opportunities at their fingertips.
  • Stationery: to enhance children's educational experiences, we aim to donate notebooks, pens, pencils, and erasers to every student at each of our project schools.
  • USB drives: to give children a sense of ownership and possession over their education, we aim to provide an 8GB USB drive to each student we reach.

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Our People

Fulfilling our mission is only possible with the help of an incredible management board, led by our founder, Jack Growden, and our outstanding sponsors.

LiteHaus is driven by a small group of passionate volunteers determine to reach as many children as possible. 

We are supported by a number of wonderful North Queensland small businesses, and people from all around the world who share our passion for learning and making a contribution to the world.

We consider all of our supporters to be a part of the LiteHaus journey.

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Our Contributors

Arid 2 Oasis Traffic Solutions

Arid 2 Oasis Traffic Solutions (A2O) is a leading traffic control solutions firm based in Townsville, North Queensland. A2O were one of the cornerstone sponsors of our first project in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, funding three laptops in the blink of an eye. 

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F45 Townsville City

F45 is a very popular international fitness brand with branches across Australia and the United States. On our first project the Townsville City branch funded 700 exercise books and 100 pencilcases.

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Komatsu Townsville

Komatsu are a massive multi-national company with a well-known commitment to corporate social responsibility. The Townsville branch eagerly donated 350 USB sticks to our first project.

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East Coast Style Collective


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Auzscot Pipelines

Auzscot Pipelines is a small civil construction company based in Townsville. Auzscot was a significant contributor to the Kuta Primary School project, funding two laptops as well as assisting with logistical needs. 

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Allstock Construction Supplies

Allstock Construction Supplies is a family-run precast concrete factory in Townsville with an intimate relationship with LiteHaus. Allstock has been a significant logistical sponsor of LiteHaus International since our organisation's founding.

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